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Rusagro Group is Russia’s largest vertically integrated agricultural holding company. It is currently the market leader in sugar, pork, crop, oil and fats production.

In 2015 a number of investment banks named Rusagro Group one of the most profitable and fastest growing consumer goods companies in the CIS.

The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Facts about Tambov Bacon


hectures land bank




countries worldwide and growing


Group geography

Rusagro Group’s main assets are located in Russia’s Belgorod, Tambov, Sverdlovsk, Saratov, Samara, Kursk, Voronezh and Orel regions, and Primorskiy kray, which allows us to diversify our business on a regional basis. The Group’s headquarters are located in Tambov, while representative office is in Moscow.

The geography of Rusagro sales is grows and evolves constantly. Currently we sell our products in more than 80 Russian regions and more than 50 countries worldwide.

Our farms

The Company began operating in the Tambov region in 2010, with the first production facilities were started up at the end of 2012. At present, the following assets are located in the Tambov region:

  • Mixed feed production complex
  • 7 commercial farms
  • 2 nucleus farms
  • 2 boar studs
  • quarantine
  • slaughter and meat processing plant
Slaughter facility capacity

tons per hour capacity


boar studs


commercial farms for 4800 sows each


nucleus farms

Each plant has two production lines, which produce granulated feed for animals of every technological cycle, from piglets 10 days of age up to finishers, as well as for sows and boars. Total plant production 24 recipes at both plants.

On-premises industrial laboratories are equipped with the most advanced facilities, which enable high accuracy chemical, technical and bacteriological tests.

Meat Processing Plant

Plant is located in Borshchevka village, Tambov region; it was inaugurated in 2015. The plant consists of the following production areas: slaughter, deboning and packing areas, case ready, and a separate rendering plant, including all stages of processing and manufacture of final products.

Slaughter facility capacity


450pigs/ hour

for slaughter

350pigs/ hour

for deboning

The modern method of pig slaughtering guarantees absence of stress for the animals. The highest level of hygiene, work process safety and ergonomics are also integral parts of production process, along with a high speed of operational performance and economic efficiency.

The equipment of the slaughter area is produced in Europe using advanced technologies.

Final products yield

Meat and bone meal production


Fat production


Blood meal production


Chilled pork half carcasses

Large cuts — Chilled — Frozen

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Jaored, red and white meat byproducts

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Chilled case ready products

Large and small cut, portioned and minced meat, shashlyk and marinated products

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Rendering plant products

Meat and bone meal, Inedible fat.

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Deboning area

pigs per hour


differentiated deboning lines

Rusagro-Primorye LLC

The Far East pig farm constructions project has a capacity of 82 thousand tons of live weight pork and was implemented by Rusagro Group since 2016 in Primorsky Krai’s Mikhailovsky district, within the “Mikhailovsky” priority development area.

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Official documents

Rusagro is certified for export to Hong Kong under RU-068/YX03743. We know how important it is for you to know that we are certified. The rest of the certificates and documents are also available.